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Hotels in Valle d Aosta ’

Selection of the best Hotels in Valle d Aosta ’ with property photos and rooms. Detailed description of all services offered, prices and special offers.
Italian autonomous region, Valle d Aosta ’ is nestled in the heart of the Alps, protected by 4 the highest mountains in Europe, the Gran Paradiso, the Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn and the Monte Rosa. For this as soon as you think of the Valle d'Aosta mountains come to mind, snow, pastures and even castles, that there are many in the area.

The region is full of accommodation surrounded by nature. From most Hotel della Valle d'Aosta It's easy to reach the falls, streams and pastures in summer which turn into hilarious ski slopes in winter. A unique setting that seems to lull the entire region and finds expression in Gran Paradiso National Park, Historic Sanctuary for ibex, Chamois and Eagles.

But not only, in val d'Aosta, there is something for all tastes: dell ’ climbing enthusiasts will be accommodated, those trekking and skiing, stream fishing experts and amateurs of nature. Whatever the personal predisposition, choose one of the many Hotels in Valle d Aosta ’, It means living a period of full immersion in a genuine nature.

This area is obviously rich in rural activities and among all the most characteristic is the ’ breeding: valdostane cows are minute and inaccessible mountain paths suitable for this, but able to give milk for Fontina Cheese best I've ever tasted, main character of the valdostan dishes. Animals can give a milk so good are also vigorous to the point that it can be used for rudimentary tournaments, during which fighting horns against horns to become the Queen of the Valley or the Queen of Queens.

Among the many dairy delights include, to complete the gastronomic frame, Mountain meats, venison and Trout Creek. Not to mention the wine, counting reds and rewards the villagers of the centuries-old struggle of terrace best exposed coasts. In any of the many Hotels in Valle d'Aosta You can enjoy all these products of the highest Italian gastronomy, savoring the taste in company of genuine mountain people.

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